Never forget a great
recommendation again.

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Recall remembers
so you don't have to.

No one likes to miss out when their favorite artist’s album gets released, or that movie you’ve been waiting to see is available for rent. With Recall you don’t have to, we’ll notify you the day it’s out.

Can’t remember that obscure
artist recommendation?
Don’t worry, Recall will.

Your friend has incredible taste in music—loves
to name drop new bands on the scene. You can
never remember their names... until now.

Never forget the next
blockbuster release again.

In the theater waiting for the film to start the trailer plays, you don’t want to forget that film, you don’t have to remember, Recall will.

Let Recall remind you
what apps your friends

With 650,000 apps and growing in the App Store recommendations are a critical way to find out what app might be the next big time saver—or waster for you.

Catch up on the classics.

Picking out a book you will love can be hard. Let Recall keep track of all of those books your friends have recommended over the years.

Recall can help you find
the next award-winning
series to watch.

We’ve all been there, looking for a new TV series to start and not knowing which one is worth investing in. Let Recall help you find that next addictive series.

Use Recall to capture other
recommendations from
trusted sources in your life.

With the other category, you can capture just about any recommendation that is thrown your way. Like Music, Movies, Books, Apps and TV Shows you can set notifications to remind you just when you need it.

Don't keep that
great recommendation
to yourself.

Once you've had a chance to read that book, watch that movie or listen to that album, Recall gives you the tools to pay that recommendation forward.

Browse the latest and
greatest releases.

Each week there are great releases to watch, listen, play and read. With Recall you don’t have wait for a recommendation, you can browse new releases and top charts any time.

What others are saying about Recall

  • Matthew Panzarino, The Next WebI don’t think there’s a better reminder-type app out there for all kinds of media like Recall.
  • Shawn BlancThe app is ultra fast, it looks gorgeous, and the whole experience of using it is very well polished.
  • Leanna Lofte, iMoreRecall is a very beautiful and efficient way to keep track of and be reminded of movies, music, books, TV shows, and apps that you don't want to forget about. Adding items is super fast so that it's not a hassle to quickly use Recall in an situation.
  • Leslie Horn, GizmodoThe worst feeling is when you want to see a movie, but you space on it, and before you know it, it's not even in the theaters anymore. Without a a reminder—in the form of an app called Recall—you might forget something worth your while.
  • Christine Chan, AppAdviceThis app has made quite a splash with the people that I follow on Twitter, so I was excited to hear about it and give it a try when it would be released. And now that I have it, I’m definitely not disappointed.
  • Preshit Deorukhkar, Beautiful PixelsRecall’s UI has been perfectly crafted to be simple, elegant and to stay out of the way. It lets you quickly add the recommendation and shows you the information when you need it.
  • Alex Heath, Cult of MacWhen I heard about Recall, I was intrigued. “Never forget a great recommendation again.” Ok. Sign me up. After giving it a test run, I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Marty Gabel, AppoliciousRecall is great for people who get bombarded with recommendations but always forget them later.

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