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State Plate is the ideal travel companion for kids of all ages. Enjoy the fun of hunting for license plates from all over the United States on your family vacation or a trip around town.

The Story Behind State Plate

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Watch the story behind how State Plate started. From sketches to the App Store kids were involved each step of the way.


  • License Plate Tracking

    State Plate gives you an easy interface to track the many license plates you'll find along U.S. roads. You can leave the app at any time and come back to pick up where you left off.
  • Have Fun Learning

    As you track your license plates you can also learn information and geography about that state. Included are the usual suspects: capital, population, state bird, etc. We've also included interested tidbits about each state. Did you now the original London Bridge is located in Arizona? Right, neither did we.
  • Encourages Group Play

    While you can certainly play State Plate on your own we've designed it to be played in a group setting. On a long trip with your family? Use State Plate as a way to pass the time and join together in finding that hard to find plate.
  • Hand Crafted Design

    State Plate has been hand crafted to feel like games from a simpler time. Built to be picked up by kids of all ages and played instantly.



State Plates’s handsome scoreboard keeps track of everyone’s spotted plates, while the cursory info on each state history, state birds leads to a lot of accidental learning. Dramatic reduction in “How much longer?” questions.

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